and thereto I give thee my troth.

Perfection. The dress, McQueen as we all knew,the flowers,foliage. The kiss far too fleeting.

Tears, Champagne, English breakfast,pride.

Proper post tomorrow, more photographs of the television.Opinion.

But for now i have to return to the proper business of this weekends wedding.

The scent of jasmine,freesia,and rosemary is calling.

It is enough to make even a commitment phobic like myself think.

This green and pleasant land may have it's faults,but we do weddings so very well.


Kim Finley said...

I want you to know that as a direct response to pictures on your website, I potted English ivy and violas and put them around the house as part of my Royal Wedding celebration.

Hmmmm - maybe tomorrow I'll go out and find a doggy...

flwrjane said...

Our work today is in a shambles while we all talk wedding.

Beautiful, just beautiful. Lily of the valley, my fav.

xo Jane

Kim Finley said...

And Sweet William, for gallantry... brilliant!

Becca said...

I cried. Lots. And had a panic that her dress was in fact "Grace Kelly" by Stewart Parvin (its the SAME). I loved the top of the dress but wished her flowers had been MORE.

Did you see they just drove down the Mall? How cool?! In a car with JUSTWED as its numberplate.

I'm trying to find copies of the earrings on ebay.

Mother Hen said...

I absolutely loved it and thought the Abbey looked magical and majestic, the bride elegant and magical, music and pomp amazing......ah true love...you can't beat it xxx

KELLY said...

loved it all. love that they seem the real thing. i felt so sentimental looking at them. looking forward to seeing all the outfits in print...couldn't watch all the tv coverage. i managed to miss both kisses "live" as i blinked 1st time and had to reach for a baby wipe the 2nd! so thanks for the photo. x

Unknown said...

It was a quick kiss wasn't it - we were all chatting and most missed it...

Beautiful Blog and Wonderful Work on your webpage will be following, glad to find you X

Dan said...

Loved it, so proud! They looked so happy together.
Though, I just can't fathom why Victoria Beckham wore black..?

Amanda said...

Loved the wedding, cried. Thought Pippa was stunning, and the royal couple loved the car when they left for Clarence House. What a day. Just finished doing a wedding bouquet, arrangement and buttonholes for a display at a fair tomorrow. Told Michael we should get married hasn't worked :-)

Mrs B said...

It was all just so beautiful.
My highlights:
The pleats
The lily of the valley (just as imagined)
Chief bridesmaid sans fleurs
The tiny waist
The holding hands when they thought nobody was watching
The Aston Martin
The fact the evening dress is only a slight variation on THE dress

She looked more royal than him.

Oh, and the Nun in the Reebok Classics?

If only there was a camera at Harry's evening do. What's the odds on Chief & Best Man getting it on?

Best Dressed: MOB, Camilla, Sophie Wessex and a few others.
Worst Dressed: Beatrice & Eugenie....sorry girls, you often get it so right but just not today.

I shall devour the photos for weeks.

Bah humbug said...

The divorces are even better!

Anonymous said...

Not a truer word spoken. There is nothing like the tradition of an English wedding - I loved the dress - perfection - the flowers were out of this world and so inspiring. To be part of it all even from a living room down under was a pleasure. All the best in your own wedding ventures today.