How to make a Spring tablecentre

Perhaps for Easter, or a Spring Wedding, or just for everyday use if you are fancy. Chop down garden foliage, mint, rosemary, tree, blossom, sage, anything you can lay your hands on.

1. Start with a foam based Oasis ring, this one is 8 inches, it has a small hole, the other sort is for stiff funeral wreaths, don't use that kind.

2. Soak it in water that has a drop of sterilising solution added to it, chamfer the edge. Add your foliage at a 45 degree angle all around.

3. Add big flowers like kooh-i-noor hyacinths, and floretted hydrangea.

4. Add more flowers, tulips, ranunculus, roses, whatever you have lying around. Daffodils would be good, mine aren't open, otherwise i might have put them in.

5. You could leave it there, but to me it is too stiff, for the full Miss P. treatment, you need to spend another half an hour "tweaking" Add other things, heads of scabiosa seed heads, bleeding heart, jasmine, rosemary, maybe some mini egss.

6. Place an old jar in the centre, pop in a candle et voila.

7. Or add a cake stand and disproportionately small cake.

Sit back, sip a gin listen to some good music, and pat yourself on the back. Job done.


Mrs T-J said...

I adore the cake stand idea! It is so beautiful Miss P xxx

Unknown said...


vicky trainor said...

oh my - I was going to put my mint in my ginger wine and soda but think I may have to tackle an arrangement after seeing your post...that's me sober for the weekend..

Admin said...

Beautiful tutorial. Thank your for sharing it with us.

flwrjane said...

One of my co workers had to do 12" rings today for a customer. She took a VERY long time. Must have read your post and figured it was ok to fiddle.

I can't say if there was gin involved or not....

Yours, of course, is lovely.