Holding out for a hero

Bonnie Tyler. Brilliant. We are on an 80's top 100 vibe.
Flocks of seagulls and everything.

We also have hydrangea ,Francesca this picture is for you, and Mr Poirot.

Daffodils and Narcissus. For it is Easter, and Passover.

If it stands still long enough i will put viburnum opulus in it.

I made my packed lunch, and brought it in. I picked the chicken and sweet potato off the top and am now left with a large box of lettuce, sprouted beans and seeds, and an overwhelming desire to sink my teeth into a cream slice.

Audience participation:

Are you a florist? With a shop window? Yes? Are you doing a Royal Wedding shop window?

Great, us too, and by way of celebration of our talents, i thought i might do a whole post devoted to windows, including yours. Email me with an image, and a link to your website, and we shall do a celebratory post next week. Mrs B and The Beautiful people are already on it.

Make the images small, if you clog up my inbox with large images, you will be disqualified. That job is the reserve of my brides.

We are embracing it here, i am over people in the wedding industry raining on the parade. All eyes are on us and it is a chance to showcase the incredibly skilled and talented people in the industry, dressmakers, florists, cake makers, stationers, photographers.

Whatever your thoughts on the monarchy, labelling it dull because they might not be having a photo booth or cupcakes is shortsighted.


Francesca said...

A name check! Fame at last. And very pretty. Would be keen to see pale pink too as think that could look lovely with the green. Mr P says thanks too.

flwrjane said...

We are listening to disco here. It's raining men...sounds like your shop.

Oh, I wish we could do a royal wedding window, but alas, Boston tea party and all that.

I shall be eagerly awaiting all of yours.

I'm hungry.

xo Jane

Mrs T-J said...

Hear, hear Miss P, Rule Britannia and all that, I have a wave of patriotism that is building with each approaching day. I am all for the pomp and plenty of it, cos us Brits do all that stuff so well. Cant wait for the window! xxx

Mrs B said...

I have just participated.

I also had chicken salad for my lunch but I was good and ate all the green bits but that's beacause I knew that at 5pm we will be opening the bubbly and digging into a double chocolate birthday cake. I think the birthday girl would appreciate your participation in a cream slice.

Becca said...

I had lunch at Harvey Nichols again. Twice in two days. Decadent. I had olive oil foccacia with rare beef. Yum-mee.

I'm sure Kate will have a photobooth. I hope she will have signs saying 'Future Queen' and an arrow.

I do so hope there are arrows.

I have no window with which to do a display. I could take a picture of my childhood bridal scrapbook (sad). I'll participate by wearing a flower in my hair.

Admin said...

Oh, I hope you get lots of photos: really looking forward to seeing them. All the charity shops around here have some absolute bonkers displays going on, it's marvellous.

Also, dull? what nonsense.

Kay said...

with my camera all pictures are small and probably out of focus but we will send one of our window as soon as the eggs are shipped out, it will be fleeting as we have a town window competion on the third..three window changes in two and a half weeks..good grief...i am afraid that i had to ditch the lentil salad and give in to caramel shortcake today..you are not alone..x

Julia P. said...

Oh, Miss Pickering, don't have a shop window (sadly different line of work, software is not very chic). But if I did, I would. Thought about guerilla gardening roundabouts at the Olympics with Union Flags though... watch this space.