Prop sale


We are selling some of the props we have used for photo shoots, weddings and magazines.

Some of the items have been featured in The Daily Telegraph, and The Daily Mail. We have yet to break into the left wing papers.

There are also ex-hire vases, and a duck/goose. Some greetings cards and the odd scented candle. Contrary to what he may tell you, The Hound is not for sale.

We are in desperate need of the space for weddings and because i have a habit of buying more things, and unlike Martha and her prop warehouse, i don't have a warehouse. also there is to be a thing here this weekend, and i definitely need the space for that.

So come on down, the price is right.

Tomorrow i will beguile you with pictures of recent weddings, it is to be a weekend of weddings, Kate Moss, the Monaco lot. Are you gripped?


thisbloominglife said...

Oooh, wish I was closer. You have so many of my favourite things which aren't always so easy to find in Australia. And you've got me hanging.....

bowstreetflowers said...

NO Miss P!! Not the duck/goose!!!! Can't you find a perch for it up high?

Flowerscentsbyamanda said...

Oh no have i missed the lovely bottles if not let me know I will be in to see you x