30 minute love affair

all in the blink of an eye
there you were standing there.

number of compact flash card readers broken 2
outlets in the countryside that sell compact flash card readers 0
days it takes Amazon to deliver one 2
national fashion magazines sending cake as apology 1
fancy ladies in one room last night 150
stems of cotton and pussy willow sold lots
shots of espresso this morning 5
customers The Hound has a crush on 1
old school friends in the shop 2
plans to make an SHS reunion involving flower school 1
haircuts planned 1
 also Paloma Faith

Bon weekend


cara said...

What did the magazine DO to you? Those are excellent cakes. And feathers! I love the feathers.

Mrs Beard said...

Damn. Can we redo my wedding with the addition of feathers?

Falcon ones, obvs.

Those cakes look amazzles.

Erin said...

freaking love that wreath with the feathers and the bouquets in wood!!!

Martin & the Magpie said...

five shots of espresso!!! wow you could give Martin a run for his money..x

Anonymous said...

miss pickering,

should I ever find myself on your side of the pond, I sincerely hope to make my way into your shop.

your photos are divine and your flowers even better.

yours truly,


lucy said...

forget the flowers ;) what about those cupcakes... they look so gooood!!

Lucy, Christmas hampers