For one last time

I'll take this ride 
Hamilton has bid farewell to McLaren.
It's been emotional.
109 days until the next race.

On Saturday I was introduced to somebody.

"Oh i know all about you, you're the one with the blog, my wife says your life is like a Richard Curtis movie, nice tits by the way"

on Sunday I found myself face down on a wet pavement, crumpled in a heap, bleeding.The Hound had seen a cat, I hadn't seen him see the cat...

If my life was a Richard Curtis movie, a tall dark and dashing stranger would have picked me up, and administered some of that weird lotion that stings that EVERYBODY in the movies has.

Instead I limped home, and made a sort of not very jerk chicken.

Allspice berries - some
Cassia bark - I don't even know what this is, it was 25p in the reduced section
Peppercorn mix thing
Spring onion
Lime zest et jus aussi
maybe some brown sugar would be good

Crush things that can be crushed, chop others, mix with chicken thighs, leave overnight if you are organised or a few hours if not. Place on a baking tray and squish down so that all the skin is on top and will crisp up. Roast at 220 degrees C for 30 mins.

also my life has been overtaken by Christmas.

If in doubt, pop a candle in it.


Becca said...

My life isn't a movie either. Law is nothing like Legally Blonde. NOTHING. Have asked for the Good Wife for Christmas...thinking it may turn my legal career around.

In other news....

Nope. None.

Unknown said...

Oh and Ouch

you poor love - life's a bit of a bitch at the moment - what with eye and now knee.

Candles, spray paint & workshops have taken over life this end to.

when you get to close the shop, come and stay for a day or two, or longer in Petworth.

much love to you and the hound

the spriggs team xx

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Poor you xx

flwrjane said...

Good God, you're bleeding and I'm squinting trying to read the teeney tiny comments.

I am always on the lookout for SQ'S and rabbits.

I don't want to sprain an ankle again.

Please be careful, It's the most wonderful time of the year after all.

xo Jane

Lotte and Bloom said...

"if in doubt pop a candle in it" = my new christmas mantra.

Sue A said...

Oh good grief, poor you; idiotic men and injury in such a short space of time. My life is equally not a movie, despite having just returned from a week in Manhattan, with a short visit to East Hampton *sigh*. I can't even bear to think about Christmas, despite having been surrounded the very minute Thanksgiving was over. Can I mention the green vases?