Ever increasing circles

It's that time of year.
Everything is circular.
I have bought all the hula hoops in town for some exciting wreath commissions.
and made oxtail from this recipe, although the star anise has mysteriously disappeared so i chucked in ras-el-hanout instead, and now i can't eat the flour or drink the wine, so nothing like this recipe really
and I have been looking at long johns. sexy.
"our penthouse doesn't have a jacuzzi, but it will" Did you see Inside Claridge's?
amazing, I want to be an actual Princess and sleep on 4 duvets and have an entire floor, but i would let men in.
it reminded me of this wedding.
and Lotte and I are taking part in the December Photo Project. 

and in other news what constitutes first base nowadays?

and 1 photograph of Mrs Beard's wedding has been released.


TumbleTwitch said...

I do love the wreaths with feathers!

The Husboond swears by long johns, perhaps thermal stockings are available. Although maybe not for The Husboond. That would be odd.

Can't comment on first base, I think I'm a bit old for that sort of thing.


Mrs Beard said...

I think First Base moved in a southerly direction about 10 years ago.