and most of all

I'm scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I'm with you.

Do not click on this link if you are a man. you won't like it.
This was a message on a card today.

Meanwhile back in the shop, Christmas is here, vintage dachshunds have collars of holly berries, bunches of greenery for all the Kirstie Allsop devotees, cards, table centres and pails of cyclamen for visiting Aunt Mabel.

and gold eucalyptus.

and conversations have been can we still recite all the words to Dirty Dancing?, and Pretty Woman? Weight loss, shoes, and could Miss Dior be a new signature perfume?

My morning has been worryingly vacuous.


Jenny Rudd said...

I have been wearing Miss Dior for years, I love the stuff. Doesn't sound like a vacuous morning at all - not when you compare it to my afternoon watching Made In Chelsea in front of the fire whilst eating Quavers

Jen said...

Everything looks wonderful. I hope one day I can see it in person.

joebloggs said...

I am a man,
I clicked the link,
I so wish that I had not...

I am weak.(sigh)

Mrs Beard said...

Tiny pots look amazing.

Sausage dogs are my favourite. I am not allowed one unless we also get a 'proper dog' so that Mr Beard can walk it without fear of looking anything less than brutishly masculine.

I have worn Dior forever, just not the cool one.

Becca said...

Mrs Beard...can you have a word with Cara? I've been checking the blog and I don't think you are Kirsty and Ross? Whilst being perfectly lovely I want to blog stalk YOUR wedding.

I spent yesterday morning trying to learn to use moodboards. Turns out none of my ideas are coherent and its probably going to be a giant mess tied up with bunting.

In other news its fish or steak day in the canteen and I'm lying on the sofa all weekend so its looking up.

Heiress Emma said...

I love the gold eucalyptus.
Now I want to watch Pretty Woman.

cara said...

Where does one get a vintage dachshund? Tell me, tell me please.