I have now taken to spraying flowers. In the process I have sprayed my hands too.

Golden ranunculus for buttonholes and some door wreaths, not really wreaths but it's a slippery slope if i start using the words "door treatments"

A lady just came in to say that she was a florist and didn't want to buy anything, she just wanted to steal all my ideas. I liked her, much more than the florist who has taken to using my images on her on-line portfolio.

and there is water coming through the ceiling.

and the sun is shining.

The door belongs to the deli further up the road it closed down 2 years ago, but at least 3 people asked me for cheese whilst I stood and took these pictures.

This street dates back to the 16th century, everything is wonky.

It's not my photography.....


Debs Dust Bunny said...

I love wonky! Your door treatments are lovely and evoke the perfect Dickensian Christmas atmosphere. The only thing lacking was the Hound! : )

cara said...

Someone has been stealing your pictures? Down with that sort of thing.

The door treatments are beautiful.

Kay said...

love that wonky door and your none wreath floral decorations... and curses on the photo thief...x

mckenzie said...

wtf? People actually do that sort of thing?

Oh, and hi, I just found your blog today and love it. Your flowers are beautiful, and I especially love how you're treating christmas. It's elegant but understated. Beautiful.