Tales from a shop window

Due to the nature of it's shape and depth, you have to physically climb into the window to make any changes.

This leads to all sorts of hilarity and helpful comments from passers by.

The Valentine's Day window is going in.

I am going for the usual mix of romance and mischief.

Heavy on the mischief.

A small glimpse here 


Becca said...

I wish someone would say "I like you. Just as you are" without saying
"I like you but ...
1. please stop stuffing hot water bottles down your pajama bottoms because it sounds like you have a catheter fitted" or
2. stop drying your toothbrushy hands on my dressing gown"
3. if you would only realise that a tea towel is not used for wiping things up"


Mrs Beard said...

Ha, Becca! I was just thinking what I get instead of 'go out on a date'...

What do you say we....

- buy a shredder
- drag home this lump of wood
- watch 'You've Been Framed'
- buy this house because I could fit my drumkit in the cellar?

Heady Romance!