You trembled like you'd seen a ghost

The alarm was set for 4am
and by 8am,
a London wedding done
a brace purchased
several valentines orders placed
and I had acquired some more hounds.
perhaps they might be more helpful around the shop than old "squirrel nutkin" who has slept all day.

What plans have you for this weekend? Is it going to snow again? I had hoped to dip a toe in the garden, or make a new blog header.

If the weather is ghastly, my documentary of the week is Confessions of a Superhero

and if you didn't see Dreams of a Life last night, watch it on 4od. It's hard to believe that in today's society a young woman can not be noticed missing for 3 years.

also Ellie Goulding.

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trees and what not said...

plans for this weekend after sending off a job application today is eat some pork belly, drink some wine and beer and visit a few car boots/ table sales. Have a lovely weekend