Thank you for coming home

I'm sorry that the chairs are all worn.

Oasis floral spray in metallic gold.

Get behind it. Don't go barmy, just some berries, and wire them into a bridal head-dress.

In other news I have the biggest ball of mistletoe ever seen, so big it wouldn't fit through the shop door, and so i stood with it on the street and everybody wanted a kiss.

I laughed. The sort of laugh i give when I walk past someone whilst delivering flowers, and they come towards to me and say

"You shouldn't have" or "For me?"

It's been such a brilliant day in the shop, chat has been of Christmas, crosswords (The Telegraph has a bumper puzzle section today) the merits of plucking versus just slipping the breasts out of a pheasant, and of course The Hound.

I should be tidying up but instead I'm eating all the chocolate coins i bought to amuse customers.

and who knew Tony Hadley was singing about dilapidated furniture?

Also there is a new "about this blog" section

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