Ridin' around in your jeep or your Benzos

Summer summer summertime Dj Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince

It has been a gloriously sunny week too bloody hot, but the forecast for the weekend was somewhat apocalyptic.

My heart goes out to brides sometimes. All those cliff top Big Sur weddings on their pinterest boards, all those al fresco tables under festoon lighting. The constant checking of the weather forecast, Flipping between the iPhone and the bbc weather app, and going with the one that looks best. The contingency plans, the white umbrella hire company, and the cheery florist telling you it is good luck if it rains on your wedding day. Not helpful.

Thankfully this weekend it missed us
10 miles away apocalypse
here sunshine
Good times.

The sun continues to rain down on us, the yummy mummys have decamped to their homes in Norfolk and been replaced by the tourists.

The Americans are the most enthusiastic. You can blow their minds by telling them the shop was built in 1463.

To be fair it blows my mind most of the time.

We chat of the differences between the two great nations Sometimes they ask questions and i don't know the answer, it makes you realise how ignorant you can be of your surroundings.

I send them to the library for the answer

or if thats closed just make it up.

also German grand prix, best race of the season so far?


Caro said...

Wondered where all the yummy Mummy's on Holme beach (nature reserve end) had come from, although it was a perfect day down there and still only about 30 families, expect most of them are at Brancaster or Wells!
Beautiful pictures of Stamford and gorgeous flowers, like you I always feel so sorry for all the brides when they say it's going to rain brings back memories of Wellies wedding!!
Yes definitely the best race so far.

Veronica Roth said...

Gosh you live in a lovely corner of the ol' globe. I'm over here in OXON, but when I'm not I'm in Vancouver (Canada). Also, I'm not complaining about the weather...are you kidding me? How many British summers have we had where I was wondering why I even left the rain forest? (Don't answer that :D ) Also, what about the Hungarian F1 yesterday!?!!! Poor Lewis, wish Mercedes would actually give him a car which works.