Emptying out the fridge

Do you find you end up with half a tub of this, half a tub of that, slimy things, and some downright noxious things in the back of the fridge?

Me too.

Last night i decided to use it all up, in some fritters. Interestingly i made them this time last year as well.

Harvest herbs and salad thinnings
In a bowl mix ricotta, herbs, chopped asparagus (precooked) and some fried bacon
Add breadcrumbs, lemon zest, an egg, some Umami** and some cheese.
Combine, form into patties and shallow fry
Serve on a fancy plate, plain white is so dull, and i am quite capable of distinguishing food from pattern, as i am sure you are
Serve with scattered herbs and asparagus spears

I used up loads of odds and ends, the bacon was 3 weeks past it's best before date, and the asparagus* was a little slimy, the cheese was rock hard and dry, but you would never have known.
*This may seem awful to you, to have not used asparagus up in it's prime, but round these parts it grows on trees, you actually can't walk down the high street without somebody trying to sell you some. It's a lot like Lobster and the town of Mystic. Tell me you have seen the film?

I tried to put cuncini berries in as well, but was met with a universal no. Boys are such spoilsports.

I a loving the sandwich suggestions, some sound lovely, others not so much, but the fact that you are all so passionate about them makes me smile....a lot.

There is still time to enter our Grand cereal based giveaway, even The Mother Hen has tried to enter, her entry however funny is null and void, sorry xxxx

Tonight we will be using up rhubarb.

** Umami tastes like an Italian miso, i am not sure it added anything.

***The Hound also loves asparagus
****I am loving the asterisks


Unknown said...

The English cafe in Doha does a mean chicken kamikaze, which is chicken, chilli, jalapenos, spicy sausage and salad, with mayo. It certainly gets your attention!

flwrjane said...

Um, I'm kind of afraid to ask your favorite sandwich filling now.....

Becca said...

I'm not brave enough to try and empty out my fridge. People would DIE although tis often true all I have in my fridge is skimmed milk and a bit of cathedral city and onions.